A Morning in the Woods

Ledges October


We traveled along a familiar path


past our favorite rocks and trees.

Along the way we reviewed things we’ve learned together and shared jokes.

October Mushrooms

“Why should you invite a mushroom to a party?”

“Because he’s a fun-guy”

The one about a mushroom going into a bar and being related to the yeast (in the beer) was a bit of a flop, but had potential.

October Ledges 2We talked about history and geology and chipmunks and Chronicles of Narnia vs. The Hobbit.

Red Leaves on GroundWe joked about me taking too many pictures of leaves.

These are the moments my mother heart will cherish forever.  Moments made possible by the courage to follow a different path.  I’m so glad we are able to share this journey together!

Finding Inspiration at the Ledges

Boys @ LedgesAfter all the longing, it seems like Spring has finally arrived, mostly, except the day it snowed this week.  I didn’t take pictures of the daffodils drooping their poor heads down, covered with snow.  I tried to ignore it.  I knew spring would be back and we would be outside again.

It was a pretty productive week on a lot of levels.  I did a ton of planning for summer weekend trips, some birthday party planning, and made summer camp reservations.

Calendar Pic @ Ledges

We had a really nice hike on Friday.  The boys were feeling quite photogenic, so I got  some great shots for the grandparent’s calendar.

Pebble Layer in the Ledges

Even though we’ve hiked this same trail multiple times before, the boys had new questions about the rocks and their formation.  I think it will make a great jumping off point for a geology unit.  We’ve studied volcanos and igneous rocks quite a bit, but we haven’t done much with sedimentary rocks.

During the last 3 years,  I found the learning that really sticks usually starts with a question asked by the boys themselves.  This is the great opportunity of homeschool – the freedom to wait for interests to develop.  The opportunity to ask your own questions about the world and seek the answers is a wonderful thing.  In fact it is exactly the thing the great scientists and inventors have always done.