With Easter coming up it’s a great time to do some egg-perimenting.


Egg in a Bottle – I’d been wanting to do this experiment forever, but hadn’t been able to find a jar with a neck the correct size.  I finally discovered that Starbucks Fraps come with the perfect egg-sized neck.   We used a candle held upright in a pinch of play dough as the combustion source in the bottle.  Light the candle and top the bottle with a PEELED boiled egg.  As the air inside the bottle heats and the pressure increases the egg will dance around releasing air from the bottle.  Once the flame goes out and the air cools the egg should be sucked down into the bottle.

Egg Spin

Spinning Eggs – This one is so wonderfully simple!  Spin a hard boiled egg and an uncooked egg and observe the difference.

Egg Toss

Egg Drop –  Use plastic grocery bags, sponges, strings, balloons, tape and/or pipe cleaners to make parachutes for eggs and then toss them off the play set.

Illuminated Naked EggNaked Egg – Soak a few uncooked eggs in vinegar for a couple of days.  The vinegar will eat away the shell but leave the membrane.  The vinegar also permeates the membrane and swells the egg.  As a follow up try soaking the egg(s) in corn syrup.

Natural Egg Dyes – You can find a list of natural dyes to try at Better Homes and Gardens.    Red cabbage is supposed to produce a nice blue color on the eggs.

Color MixingUse regular egg / food coloring to do color mixing experiments.

Use Egg Shells as containers for Seedlings 

Egg Walk



Walk on Eggs – We saw this one posted somewhere and I thought why not give it a try.  The key is to go quickly and stay well balanced.  One of the boys did it effortlessly without any broken eggs.  The other…..well let’s say we all had a terrific laugh and the kitchen floor got mopped.








That’s the end of our list for now.  So break out the eggs and have some fun!