Minecraft Birthday Party


I always feel a bit apprehensive about “at home parties”, but that is what C always requests.  I get nervous every year and then we all have a great time.

The boys helped make a lot of the decorations and come up with ideas for the party.  I have to admit, it was fun to have a theme where things had to be homemade.   It was a great chance to learn more about my kids favorite parts of the game.


Our guests played a bit of football when they first arrived.





Then they each set off a Diet Coke / Mentos fountain.  That has nothing to do with Minecraft, but lots to do with being 8-10 year old boys.









Next, we had a scavenger hunt for iron, diamonds, emeralds and gold.  After they each collected the four items they traded them in for goodie bag items.


Then they launched water bottle rockets.  My husband built the launcher about 5 years ago and we’ve used it quite a bit.  You can buy the commercial version or find instructions on the web.   Our design allows us to use the air compressor for some pretty impressive heights.  Since water bottle rockets aren’t precisely a Minecraft thing, we decorated one as a minecraft pig and called it “Rocket Pig.”





Some of the boys made either a mask or a water bottle rocket cover using cardstock. I provided lots of cardstock, glue-dots, and scissors.   About half the boys wanted to make a character and the other half wanted to just chase the water bottle rockets.










We also made torches from LED tea candles and a 6″ x 12″ piece of cardstock.






In case of bad weather, we could have done the scavenger hunt inside and decorated the goodie bags while listening to Minecraft parodies.  I also had glue and borax on hand to make slime if we ended up inside.

Food and Decorations:


The food was a breeze.  Chicken tenders, watermelon, apples and caramel dip, carrots, and pretzel sticks.  The newest Minecraft update added salmon, which would have been nice if we were also feeding grownups.


The drink station was fun.  The boys mixed up potions.  We labeled Powerades as Minecraft potions and provided Sprite to mix in as desired.


I was a total copycat on the cake.  My friend Carolyn posted pics from a Minecraft party this summer.  I’m not sure if hers had a lake, but I remember seeing some lakes as I was researching.   If you really like the jello lake idea, try to come up with a container you can slide into place at the last minute.   I used plastic wrap to isolate the jello from the cake and it was sort of difficult.  Also the jello didn’t come out of the mold well.  Per request I left the sides of the cake un-iced.



SNOW GOLEMS!  I came up with these on my own and they turned out great.  All it takes are cake pop sticks, marshmallows, an edible marking pen and orange sugar (which I happened to have in a Halloween sprinkle assortment).  Wipe the top and sides of a marshmallow with a wet paper towel and roll in orange sugar.  Stick a plain marshmallow on the stick followed by the orange sprinkled one.  Paint on eyes, mouth and buttons with the edible marker.   So Easy!  You might even add pretzel stick arms.


To round out the decorations we made crêpe paper spiders, decorated our light fixtures as torches, made creeper and endermen balloons,  and created a photo backdrop using tablecloths and square-cut clouds.

Additional Ideas:


The boys have been busy with the rainbow loom.  E came up with this cool creeper bracelet design and wanted to make them for the party guests.  Unfortunately we didn’t have enough green rubber bands and I couldn’t find any more locally.   He did make each guest a simple bracelet in a variety of colors.


We also tried making Perler bead pickaxes and swords.   Given the need for a hot iron and adult supervision, we decided it wouldn’t be the best party activity.  We thought about making swords and pickaxes for the goody bags, but we didn’t have enough of the desired colors.  With more time, I could have ordered the right colors direct from Perler.

I hope you’ve found an idea or two that will work for your party. Remember – at the end of the day it isn’t about the perfect decorations.  Birthdays are a chance to celebrate life and friendships!

Thanks for visiting our Minecraft Party!