10 Signs You MIGHT Be a Little Nerdy

A while back, I was shocked to find out something I like is considered nerdy.  Occassionly I’m surprised to find out that things I consider normal are considered by others a bit on the nerdy side.  I don’t want you to be caught off guard, so here are some clues that you too might be a little nerdy:


1. You have the “Salamander Hotline” in your contact list.

2. You have the house to yourself for the first time in a month.  You are giddy with excitement …………and watch a documentary while doing laundry.

3. You have the library website book marked and regularly have at least 20 items checked out.

4. Your vacations are planned around geological features, ecosystems, or a particular species of animal you hope to observe in the wild.

5. You’ve had something similar to this happen:  After watching a show about deep sea exploration one of your kids is disappointed the Yeti Crab wasn’t profiled.  Two other members of the family point out it’s because the show was filmed before the Yeti crab was discovered.  Seriously?  Who notices the copyright date? People who were wondering why the Yeti Crab wasn’t mentioned.

6. The failure of the United States to adopt the Metric system is a soapbox topic for multiple members of you household.

7. You don’t have Dish or cable and you can’t figure out why that’s a big deal given your streaming options.  (Apparently live sports are worth a lot of money to a large number of people.)

8. Going to the hair salon is a necessary evil.  (For some of you – so dreadful you employ DIY options. )

9.  You wish the news was more about inventions, white-nose syndrome in bats,  colony collapse disorder in bees, and debates about the use of water resources instead of celebrity updates.

10.  You have memberships to multiple museums, zoos, and science centers.

And two additional signs I find shocking:

11. You’re a “They Might Be Giants” fan.  I’m still in denial about this one.

12. Your favorite shirt says, “Mmmmm……….π “.

Do the above descriptions fit you?  Take heart.  Some might call you nerdy.  I think you are probably a Lifelong Learner who is passionate about life.  So, learn on dear friend…Learn On!

What nerdy things happen at your house?

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