Family Photo @ Artist's Point

Welcome to Learning with Boys!

I’m Carol, former chemical engineer, current homeschool mom.  Learning with Boys is about homeschooling, STEM learning, and nature.   I named the blog Learning with Boys because spending time with my sons (9 and 10) keeps me learning new things all the time.

Life is a great adventure.  I’m so grateful to share it with my husband and sons.  As a family we enjoy being outdoors and spending time on the abundant trails in our area.

Our homeschool journey started in 2011, because our oldest son was so sad he wasn’t learning more science and math at school.  Homeschool fits our family, so I feel incredibly blessed to have the opportunity.  Regardless what educational choice your family makes or whether you have boys or girls, I hope you feel welcome here.

I hope we can inspire you with easy ways to bring more science and nature to your daily life.


P.S. Thanks to my husband and wonderful boys for allowing me to share their  lives!

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