Happy New Year!

2015 started out looking like it was going to be a same old same old sort of year.  I really didn’t have big expectations for the year, but it turned out GREAT!

IMG_1658We found a homeschool tribe!   It all started with a post inviting homeschoolers to join a Science Olympiad team.  The events were fun and the boys enjoyed working with their team mates.  The day of the Olympiad all the kids were together in our homeroom and I’m pretty sure that is where the idea for Science Club spawned.  Science Club has been great for both moms and kids.  It’s a twice per month meet up for a class or field trip.  In addition to the official events, we’ve met other families we can call to go for a hike when the weather is beautiful or share a trip to the zoo or science.

ScoutsBoy Scouts – I hate to admit this now, but I was really hoping E would give up the Scout thing at the end of Cub Scouts.  Turns out Boy Scouts is a much different experience that is expanding his circle of friends, increasing his independence and helping him learn new and useful skills (like cooking and meal planning for eight people).   The whole family has made new friends through the scout group and it’s helped us be more connected to our community.

Canton Brew Daft Dudes – This one doesn’t involve the kids.  Last January a friend of ours mentioned that he and a friend were putting together a group whose purpose was to visit all the craft breweries in our area.  I discovered I enjoy tasting different beers.  It’s fun to just taste and appreciate the flavor instead of having a whole glass of the same thing. But it isn’t the beer tasting that makes this group so great, it’s the people.  It’s sort of like college, in that the group includes a delightful mix of backgrounds, interests, jobs and talents with the added bonus of a variety of ages.

C on Mountain BikeNew mountain bike trails – When we moved here the kids were small and it was hard for me to get any time on the trails.  Last year they started hitting some off road trails with us and it’s been so much fun – aside from a half hour where one of the kids got lost and a tail bone injury this year.  A few months ago they discovered an RC track at one of the places we ride so now trips over there include biking and RC cars.   This year one of our favorite places to ride nearly doubled the amount of trail available and two parks near us added brand new trails.  My husband has gotten more involved in the local mountain bike scene and made new friends doing trail building events and such.

C on Ropes CourseLearning new skills – I never feel as alive as when I’m learning something new.  2015 was full of new experiences for all of us.  We learned to ski / snow board, shoot bows, and use the pottery wheel.  We did some high ropes adventure courses that really stretched me in particular.  The boys did swim lessons for the first time in a long time and enjoyed them.

Highline TrailLastly we had an amazing vacation this year.  We went to Glacier National Park.  It was all very beautiful, but the length of the hikes and the height of the hikes sometimes propelled me out of my comfort zone.  That’s me in the pink coat way above my comfort zone.

I’m not sure what 2016 has in store for us, but I’m hopeful it will be just as great as 2015!