Happy Halloween!

IMG_2623What a fun crafty time of year it is!  We actually finished a couple of our pumpkins ahead of time this year!  Can I tell you I got a little verklempt when E carved his pumpkin without help?  C painted a minion on a spaghetti squash which was a fun departure from the standard pumpkin fare.  When I saw recycled jars turned into luminaries at the zoo I knew we had to do that at home this year.  So super easy and fun!

IMG_2627 I thought I was done doing “room mom” stuff,  but our Science Club is having a Halloween Party and I volunteered to do the big kid craft.  We are doing paper haunted houses.  It’s really all about how much work you want to put into it so some kids will probably take a long time and others a few minutes.  I figured it would be something they could replicate at home if they enjoyed it.  I ended up making a quick pattern that I could print onto the card stock.  I was really wishing for a fancy cutting machine so we could make our own bat and tree cut outs.  You can check out the paper houses I used for inspiration.  I chose to make mine larger so they took two piece of 8.5″x11″ cardstock for the walls and another half sheet for the roof.  I didn’t make a floor to make it easier to just set them over an LED tealight.


The boys have been taking archery lessons this semester.  Usually they shoot inside, but this week they had the chance to shoot pumpkins at a much longer distance.  I love that we are able to work things like this into our schedule!

Hope you have a very Happy Halloween!

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6 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Shooting pumpkins – brilliant! I love all your crafts. Must show my son the minifig and minion pumpkins and bookmark it for next year! My kids carved their pumpkins on Tuesday and I just had to throw them away, they were rotting all over our kitchen. :-\ Next year I’m going to invest in some pumpkin-preserve-spray!

    I love your house, too. What a good craft and I like the idea of the LED light. Thanks for the link. Happy Halloween!

    • Thanks for the encouragement! It’s been crazy busy around here as we prepare for FLL so I’m slow making replies. I saw your adorable rock monsters and thought about doing those for our party craft but didn’t want to paint at someone else’s house. Your pumpkins were great!

    • It turned out really well. I was glad it was a homeschool event because the moms all decided if they wanted their kid(s) to use exacto knives or not. I think the youngest was an eight year old girl but most of the kids were 10 and up.

    • I had a great time making them. I think I probably did four of my own (as examples of course). The kids seemed to enjoy customizing theirs. I wish I had taken pics of the kid’s houses at the party but I’m never very good about taking pictures during parties.

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