Today was a day of celebration!IMG_1753

Way back in March I shared this photo.  I was full of optimism that we would construct catapults for Engineer’s Week. DSC_5245

Our planning stage was very short therefore I failed to grasp what the final size of the catapults.  I didn’t realize catapults this size require outdoor construction.  Since we live in northern Ohio the weather was at first too cold and then too rainy.Catapult finished

We’ve worked on them here and there and the weather has FINALLY warmed up.  We’ve learned lots along the way, such as the difference between drill bits for concrete and wood, how to use a sawsall, and that it is ridiculously HARD to keep the drill straight when drilling through a round piece of pipe.IMG_1858

Today we had nice weather AND the day at home, so we sat down and studied how our model trebaucht works. The boys fashioned a sling from parachute cord and an old t-shirt.  IMG_1863Then we started slinging water balloons across the yard.  We all felt so accomplished to finally have an operational catapult.

Now we are learning how to make adjustments to get better repeatability. We  still have a second catapult to finish but it will go much easier as we have a new jig to help with drilling the holes.

If you are interested in doing a similar project we found the instructions in The Art of the Catapult.  I found the instructions a little unclear about where the bolts went, so contact me if you would like my marked up diagram.

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