Let it Snow – A Weekly Wrapup

Frozen Brandywine Top of Falls overlooking creek

View above Brandywine Falls


It snowed a lot this week.  According to the weather service we have 18″ of snow on the ground.  There would be more snow on the ground if we hadn’t had a few patches of rain mixed in with the snow.

One of the big differences between living in the north vs. the south is that a forecast of 8-12″ of snow doesn’t send everyone into a panic.  I went to the grocery store a few hours before the storm hit and was able to purchase everything I needed.  When we lived in the south, even a few inches of snow in the forecast would leave the store shelves void of milk, bread, tuna, and bottled water.

IMG_1649Tuesday was cold but sunny, so we got out of the house and went skiing and sledding and took a hike.  We still had plenty of time for school work in the late afternoon.

Wednesday we had a few lessons then zoo class.  On our way home it started snowing so we decided to skip the boys’ parkour class and do some baking.  In just a few hours we got about 4″ of snow so I was glad we weren’t out in it.

Frozen Brandywine Falls

Thursday we went to geography club for the first time.  It was a really nice event.  Each family gave a short presentation on a river.  The kids ranged from 4 year old assistants to about 14.  It was great to see the variety of presentations and the creativity the kids demonstrate.  After seeing the presentations, my boys agreed to do a presentation next month.


Most of our days this week included some prep work for Science Olympiad.  We are  learning about simple machines, aerodynamics, mousetrap cars and animal tracking.  The mousetrap car is working well, but we still have some tweaking to do.  The objective for the competition is for the mousetrap car to travel exactly 10 meters.

Hope you are having a great week!



6 thoughts on “Let it Snow – A Weekly Wrapup

    • Looks like the two are nearly identical in height, although the rock formations are probably different given that the Canadian one formed at the edge of a volcano flow.

  1. We got a smattering of snow this year, but really nothing much. I know it’s not great for everyone but my children just love it! And ski-ing? I don’t think I will show them your post, they would be too jealous!!

    • I was really hesitant to get into skiing due to the expense, but it is making winter so much more enjoyable. I particularly like the experience of learning something new.

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