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Are you a Laundry Hater?  Is there a mountain of dirty clothes lurking somewhere in your home?  Or maybe it’s a mountain of clean clothes?  Are you looking for a way to get organized when it comes to laundry?


A “Laundry Epiphany”.

I used to think of laundry as a batch process, because it’s done in loads. Then one day, after spending the entire day washing, drying and folding laundry,  I dropped my clothes into the dirty basket and suddenly realized, “There will always be dirty laundry!

It was a light bulb moment.  Laundry is a continuous process!  The goal isn’t to have all the clothes in the house clean, but rather to always have the clothes you want to wear clean and available!

The Laundry Solution

I now have 3 baskets in my laundry room ( Bleachables, Delicates/Dress Clothes, and Everyday wear). Each morning I bring dirty clothes downstairs.  I usually throw dark everyday wear into the washer and separate the remaining clothes into their respective baskets.

I do about two loads each day. I try to fold right away, because fresh from the dryer clothes are more rewarding to fold or hang.   That’s it.  Two loads / day unless it’s kids bedding day which takes more loads but doesn’t require folding.   With only 2 loads I don’t get burned out and end up with baskets of wrinkled clean clothes (usually).

Making the initial sort by fabric treatment makes the process easier and reduces errors.  The final light / dark color sort happens just before going into the washer.  In between colors can go light or dark depending on how much room is left in the load.  Work/dress clothes go in the delicate basket, because we wash them on gentle and then make sure to hang them immediately.   I only do the dress clothes loads once per week, so my husband doesn’t repeat an outfit during the week.

I keep a weekly chore list in the pantry that includes certain laundry loads like towels, sheets, and dress clothes that are typically only done once or twice each week.

Another trick for keeping things organized – don’t buy too many clothes, especially for the kids.  If boys have 5 pairs of everyday pants and 5-7 everyday shirts for the current season that is typically enough.  By limiting the number of clothes we buy, the boys have room to easily share a closet and dresser.

How do you keep up with laundry?   Do you have any tricks that keep you motivated?

2 thoughts on “Get Organized – Laundry Love

  1. I feel very lucky that although I’m lacking in many organisational skills, I’ve always enjoyed doing laundry. My biggest challenge is keeping our 2 dogs from running off with anything that falls onto the floor – they are particularly keen on underwear 😐
    I recently treated myself to a fluffy rug from Ikea to go on my utility room floor – I now feel very pampered kneeling down sorting a washload!

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