Get Organized

GetOrganizedCan I admit that some variation of “Get Organized” showed up on my resolution list for  many many years?

If your goals for this year include “get organized”, check out the series of posts I’m sharing this week.  I’m offering details about various strategies that have helped our home become more relaxing and more organized.

Before we get to those I want to take a moment to think about goal setting.  “Get organized” might be the search term we all use, but our goals really need to be more specific.  Take some time to think about what “get organized” means for you.  Does it mean you want to be able to find your keys when you leave the house?  Maybe you want to have better communication between family members about appointments and pick up times.  Are you eating too much fast food because you don’t have healthy meals available?  Are you scrambling to make sure your family can find clean clothes to wear?  Do you “stash” piles of paper if company is on the way?

Instead of making a broad goal that is hard to measure, think about specific areas where you could make improvements in order to simplify your life and make it less stressful.  Then establish priorities and work on just one area at a time.

This week I will be sharing the importance of having a meal plan and a clean up strategy in the kitchen.  I’ll also share my “laundry epiphany” and wardrobe strategy.   My personal biggest struggle has been to eliminate paper clutter and the stress and mess it creates – during the last year or two I’ve finally found a system that eliminates the paper piles that used to clutter my counter and allows me to find what I need when I need it.

I hope you enjoy the series and find some tips that work for you.  It’s not about being perfect or superior – it’s about creating a home that serves it’s inhabitants well.  We all deserve a home that is functional, restful, and welcoming.

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