The Best Christmas Gifts

Can I share with you two of the best Christmas presents I’ve ever received?


It’s a LEGO bee.  It really looks great in person.  It’s sort of a modern art interpretation.  Considering the materials he had available I thought C did an amazing job.  He made it to express his appreciation for coaching his FLL team this year since their project was, “How can we improve the way people learn about bees?”


It’s a polymer clay sculpture of chocolate pie under the microscope.  It looked better before we baked it, but I think it still looks very much like our microscope.  E says he was conveying my support of their interest in science, my quirky sense of humor, and my love of math.  It’s also a reflection of my son’s interest in science and math and his quirky sense of humor.  I think it’s great!

These gifts are the type of stuff I will cherish, because they came from the heart and tell a story about the relationship between giver and receiver.  After all life is really all about the relationships.

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