Weekly Wrap-up – Crazy Tournament Prep


I was completely delighted see this hawk hanging out on the boy’s play set.  I think it’s an immature Coopers Hawk.  It stayed on this perch for several minutes and we were able to watch it’s head rotate around.  It finally unfluffed and then caught something but we couldn’t see exactly what.


Mostly this week has been spent getting ready for our LEGO League competitions coming up this weekend.  One morning both the boys were working on missions with their respective team robots.

I will probably be sharing the LEGO Dragons project with you next week.  I think they have a truly innovative solution this year and I just hope their presentations go well in front of the judges.

Hope you are having a great week!

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  1. Gosh that looks fun! And it’s something the boys can work on together. That’s a challenge in my homeschool since my kids have somewhat different interest. I’m visiting from Weekly Wrap Up!

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