Bee Friendly

I was afraid I wasn’t going to have anything to share this week.  After having an awesome vacation last week we needed to “catch up on our paperwork.”

Bee Collage

Thankfully FIRST LEGO League, FLL, added interest to our week. Our normal FLL meeting time was spent doing a field trip related to our project.  We visited a local organic farmer to learn about bee keeping.  He was great with the kids and we had a good time learning about bees despite the rain.  I learned quite a few things about the farm even though I’ve been a member of their CSA program for a couple of years.  I also learned some new things about bees.

EV3 PBL Mission World Class

The local public school had the day off for election day, so I invited C’s team to our house for some “open table” time.  The kids came two at a time for a couple of hours each to work on their programming.   While we get a lot done during our normal meeting time, sometimes it helps to have an even smaller group.  They can concentrate better and spend more time testing their results.

If you want to gain hope for the future spending time around FLL is great.  The kids come up with some great solutions / innovations.  It’s also super fun to watch them as they learn how to program the robot.  They get such a sense of accomplishment as they solve problems and make things work.  Because gracious professionalism is one of the core values of FLL, we also set a high standard for behavior and manners.  They are still high energy kids and a bit wiggly and silly sometimes, but they are practicing kindness and respect.

Model Trebuchet

This week E built a trebuchet as an engineering project.  Apparently it’s been a bit hard to tune, but the boys and their friends have had a great time building cup towers and walls to attack with the trebuchet.  I wish I had known sooner how much fun kids could have with a few packages of plastic cups.

This week I asked C what he likes about homeschool.  He quickly answered, “We get to learn from TV.”  I’ll admit it has be a long road for me to accept watching documentaries / educational programs as more than just a supplement to “real” learning.  As I see how much information C learns and stores in picture form, it has helped me understand that we really do have different learning styles.

How have you learned to respect and accommodate your kids’ learning styles?

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7 thoughts on “Bee Friendly

  1. My son has learned much from watching documentaries but even with that, I think the use of screen-based learning has to be moderated to ensure ‘optimal time usage’. 🙂 There is a lot of interest in bee-keeping in the UK too, but I have yet to visit a bee-keeper to learn the ropes so that’s on my to-do list. 🙂

  2. My girls are a little young to grasp documentaries but they do love to watch YouTube videos with my husband. The videos are usually making knives or blacksmithing. They really enjoy it!!

  3. My daughter soaks up audio books. It is definitely easier to homeschool when we can work to our children’s strengths. Looks like you had a fun week (I’d love to keep bees)!

    • There’s definitely a learning curve but it’s a great experience – so much more than just a robot game. I really enjoy the project based learning aspect. Competitions typically take place in Nov. and Dec. so if you can find a regional event and attend the robot rounds that give you a good idea about that portion. Each event selects an ambassador team who enjoys spreading the word about FLL so if you take note of who wins that and hand the coach a business card at the end they will probably contact you about setting up a team and be able to offer assistance. There is probably an outreach office at the state level that could help you find a mentoring team.

  4. Glad to hear your young one still loves the adventures of homeschooling. Mine come up with some insightful reasons for wanting to continue it onward since being pulled out 1.5 yrs ago. My kids got to learn from TV in public school – probably more than I would have thought possible. Seemed like they watched a fair share of movies in English, History and Science classes. Thanks for sharing your week. I’m visiting from Weekly Wrap Up.

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