Beautiful Autumn Days


October is probably my favorite month to live in Northeast Ohio.  Sometimes I can’t get over how lucky we are to live near such gorgeous parks.  Even though much of this week was rainy, we still managed to spend a few hours hiking and biking around the woods.


This week at our house we studied how the microscope dramatically changed scientific knowledge of the world.  Did you realize the first microscopes used candlelight?  Or 175 years passed between the discovery that cork was made of cells and the confirmation that all plants were made of cells?  It wasn’t until 1858 Rudolf Virchow is credited with concluding all cells come from cells.  Of course people understood that animals give birth and plants come from seeds, but cells were thought to form more like crystals.

I enjoy studying science and history with an integrated approach.  It is amazing to think how inventions, discoveries, and innovations are shaped by the technologies, communications, and politics of their time.  When we read dates we try to think about what else was going on in the world and what daily life looked like.


We learned about so many things this week: animal cells, plant cells, gecko adhesion, trout, musk oxen, colony collapse disorder in bee hives, and white nose syndrome in North American bats.  We spent time using our microscope and programming the EV3 robot.


Of course we are following current events, especially cases of ebola.  We practice math and grammar nearly every day.  The boys are also using the Kindle’s immersion reading feature to read the first book in the Lord of the Rings series.


All this amazing learning is going on every day and still life is peaceful (at least mostly).  Our days have a flow and rhythm that suits us well.  This is what I love most about homeschool – the freedom to pursue our interests not in a sliver of “free” time, but as a natural part daily life.

Hope you are having a lovely season of learning!

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9 thoughts on “Beautiful Autumn Days

    • Bridal Veil Falls in Bedford Reservation. It is a really short walk from the parking lot. There is another trail that starts from the Hemlock Creek parking lot and takes you along Tinkers Creek that makes for some nice photos.

  1. I miss fall! Enjoyed your beautiful pics. I’m from Pennsylvania, but we moved to Miami, FL 3 years ago so we don’t see those beautiful fall colors anymore. We started a unit on animal cells and plant cells and studied the history of the microscope! Very interesting! Stopping by from Weekly Wrap Up.

  2. More gorgeous photos … thank you for sharing an insight into your beautiful part of the world, Carol. I like how you integrate science with history. We’re coming across lots of dates in The Mystery of the Periodic Table. This week I think we’ll find out more what else was going on in the world at the time those chemists were making their discoveries about atomic weight. I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend.

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