A Morning in the Woods

Ledges October


We traveled along a familiar path


past our favorite rocks and trees.

Along the way we reviewed things we’ve learned together and shared jokes.

October Mushrooms

“Why should you invite a mushroom to a party?”

“Because he’s a fun-guy”

The one about a mushroom going into a bar and being related to the yeast (in the beer) was a bit of a flop, but had potential.

October Ledges 2We talked about history and geology and chipmunks and Chronicles of Narnia vs. The Hobbit.

Red Leaves on GroundWe joked about me taking too many pictures of leaves.

These are the moments my mother heart will cherish forever.  Moments made possible by the courage to follow a different path.  I’m so glad we are able to share this journey together!

One thought on “A Morning in the Woods

  1. I love those talks that just go completely random places. I get those when we go for walks to. Some have gone to tough places but I have always answer as best I can although sometimes I tell them I will have to go look that up.

    I took way to many pictures of the rocks. I kept seeing the layer and I want to use them in our plate tectonics section. I can see layers in the rocks of you pictures but they are quite different.

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