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Liberty Park - Early Fall Meadow

The air is getting crisp!  The days are getting darker and practice is ending sooner.  We’ve had some cooler weather this week and I’m determined to enjoy fall in the present.

Last Friday we went on a field trip with a local homeschool group.  We rode a replica canal boat and learned about the importance of the Ohio-Erie canal in Ohio history.  It was a great trip and really brought history to life.

This week we did the “normal” stuff plus zoo class and FIRST Lego League (FLL).   It is so nice  to schedule classes and activities that appeal to their interests without worrying about overload.

Tiny Red spotted newt

Unfortunately most of my cool nature finds this week were without the boys.  I have no idea how I spotted this tiny little red spotted newt, but he was so adorable I had to take a picture.  I also saw two raccoons backing down out of their tree (the picture turned out blurry) and a meadow vole darting across my path.


This week we read about termites, llamas (I actually learned quite a bit) and porpoises.  We also had an interesting discussion about fruits and vegetables that led to this quirky internet find:  The Carrot Museum.   I bet you will learn a thing or two (or in my case ten) about carrots if you take a visit to this virtual museum.  Isn’t it a great world where people who know vast amounts about carrots can share that knowledge with us whenever we become curious?

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  1. Isn’t it fun when you take the kids out on these outdoors adventures? It’s my favorite part of the homeschooling adventure. I’m visiting from weekly wrapup hop.

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