Weekly Wrap-up – Dining Room “Makeover”

The big news at our house this week is that our dining room makeover is complete.  I’m pretty sure this makeover takes us over to the “geek” side.

Dining Room Makeover

Both boys are participating in FIRST LEGO League (FLL)  this year.  I’m coaching C’s team and we are meeting at our house.  Every team needs a practice table – so my handy husband built the FLL table to fit over our dining room table.  He really took a lot of care and did an excellent job.  The boys enjoyed helping by painting the boards and doing some sanding.  My husband built a frame on the underneath side so the FLL table fits snugly over a packing blanket protecting our dining table.  We can “easily” move the FLL table if we want to use the dining table.  Since our dining table is mostly used for building new LEGO sets at birthdays and Christmas, I think it is excellent use of the space.


Last Friday we went for a hike at one of my favorite metroparks, South Chagrin Reservation.  As you walk along the creek there is a quirky sculpture carved by Henry Church back to 1885.  I’ve never understood if he had permission to carve it or not.  My readings of the story seem to indicate it was something he just did.  It is named “Squaw Rock” though I don’t know how it got the name.  A woman, a snake, an eagle, a quiver of arrows and a baby in a basket are all still visible.  Apparently a dog and a skeleton are included in the sculpture, but I never see them.

South Chagrin

We took along thermometers to test some of the things we are learning in our atmospheric studies, but our measurements were a bit haphazard.   The boys had a great time playing about in the creek.  They were able to find a crawfish and a toad.  I enjoyed watching them play while listening to the calming rush of water.

Zoo 9-10

This week we attended a zoo class at Cleveland zoo.  This particular class was about fossils.  We learned the Dunkleosteus on display at the Cleveland Natural History Museum was found locally.  During all our trips to the museum I had never realized that.  We made use of our zoo time to visit several animal exhibits.  Isn’t the underside of the gecko cool?   The boys spent a long time watching the leaf cutter ants busily going about their work.  E was able to spot the queen and a larvae being carried off by workers / drones.   Later in the week C made a perler bead bat as an art project.  I’m not certain if he was inspired by the bats at the zoo or by Minecraft, but it turned out very well.

This week’s PBS finds were: Operation Maneater – Polar Bears,  Her Majesty’s Secret Service MI6, and Secrets of Westminster Abbey.    All were really fascinating for different reasons.  Weirdly enough both boys asked questions independently this week that led to discussions about how the British political system differs from our American one.  One started with the Harry Potter books and the other with questions about the Queen.

Hope you are having a great week and wishing you lots of good discoveries!

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-up – Dining Room “Makeover”

  1. I love your dining room table – not geeky at all. We doubled the space of ours by doing something similar, but that was just so we could have guests round! I’d love to have a collapsible table in our school room that the children could play table tennis and the like when it’s wet outside. One day!

  2. That is a cool table and yes a bit on the geek side but that is where the fun is. Squaw rock intrigued me. I could see the skeleton but not the eagle so I ended up doing a Google search and came across this drawing someone did.


    We got to see fossils still in the trail on our recent trip to the Rockies. It was quite a different experience to see them in the wild. I have made my name link to the post.

    • Thanks for the link to the drawing. I guess I never expected the dog to be turned like that and I didn’t look low enough for the skeleton.
      Isn’t it so exciting to find fossils in real life?

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