A Path Less Traveled


Lately I’ve been thinking about this “path less traveled” we choose to walk.   The amount of freedom we have blows me away.  The responsibility is tremendous, but the freedom is incredible and enjoyable.

By homeschooling we are free to decide how our hours, days, weeks, and months are spent.  We choose what topics we want to learn and we decide what materials, classes, and methods work for us.  Each day we choose which hours will be dedicated to “school.”  We study topics as long as we want and pursue opportunities beyond our home.

We don’t choose just the easy things.  There are some skills we need to develop that aren’t easy.  We’re still free to find fun ways to learn, abbreviate lessons, and eliminate fluff and busy work.  We are free to use the most effective methods for our own learning styles.

This week we tried out a new class.  On the way home we discussed what we liked about the class and how well it met our expectations.  Then the kids were able to decide, “Is this class worth our time to put on the schedule?”   What an incredible life skill !

This quote is from a recent post on Becoming Minimalist:

Every day we are presented with countless choices of how to spend our time, our energy, our effort, and our money. The wisest of us recognize we always have the power to choose. And they choose to pursue their life’s greatest mission by repeatedly saying ‘no’ to things that distract from it.

Joshua Becker


By saying “no” to public school we have gained the freedom to wholeheartedly pursue the boys’ interest in science.  We are able to take field trips to see migrating song birds, visit aquariums, and tour power plants.  They have time to play with robots and visit the FAB LAB.

Having choices is a wonderful thing.  Learning to recognize our power to choose is even more wonderful.


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  1. It is a great responsibility. Not just choosing the easy things – choosing what’s best out of a myriad of good options is often the hardest thing for me. Love the photos on your blog.

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