Big Airplanes and a Tiny House

What did the engineer say when his prototype drone crashed?


“Back to the droning board.”

My 9 year old really wanted me to share his joke with you.  He even left a note on the computer to make sure I wouldn’t forget.

Airshow for blog

We had a great time watching Blue Angels at the air show this past weekend.  They are just incredible and it was great to have the air show back this year.


Several months ago we purchased a “Power House” science kit.   Because many of the experiments involve solar power and outdoor experiments, we thought we would save it for warmer weather.   We pulled it out this week to see what we can get accomplished before winter sets in again.   We did several experiments centered around the temperature under various conditions and the effect of insulation.   This year we are focusing more on making sure we record the results of our experiments.  Since technology is always appealing, we are learning to use spreadsheets to create data charts and we will eventually use the spreadsheet to graph data sets.


The best addition to our school routine this year is trampoline time.  We’ve wanted a trampoline for a long time, but thought it would increase our home owner’s insurance.  I finally called our agent to check and was pleasantly surprised to find out that as long as we have the net there is no premium increase.  The boys enjoy taking break time on the trampoline and come back in ready to focus.  They were surprised when I told them physical exercise enhances learning.

Later start times and the benefit of physical exercise were big topics at our house this week.  The American Academy of Pediatrics is calling for school districts to move start times to 8:30 am or later for high school and middle school students, citing teenagers natural sleep patterns and their need for 8.5 to 9.5 hours of sleep per night.   Even though we don’t have teenagers yet, one of the things we like about homeschool is well rested children.

Otherwise the week was filled with the usual stuff: math, reading books about animals, going to a zoo class, and getting back to a bit of grammar and writing.

Hope you are having a great year!

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  1. Tell your son it was a great joke!
    We were gifted a trampoline but it has no net round it. There haven’t been any serious accidents but I can’t help thinking it is an accident waiting to happen. It is almost cheaper to buy the whole caboodle again than buy a net separately to fit. Your trampoline is huge!

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