Weekly Wrap-up – Lots of Science

This week we concentrated on science and easing back into math.

Botanical Garden Butterflies

We took a field trip to the Cleveland Botanical Gardens to visit the Nature Connects Exhibit before it closed.  I sometimes forget how much I enjoy going to gardens and arboretums.


We continued our unit study of atmospheric science.  This week we drew representations of the layers of the atmosphere and learned more about the phases of water and hydrogen bonding.

Solar Bag in Flight

It has become a yearly tradition to do a solar bag experiment at the local park.  This year it tied in really well with our science unit.

We’ve added back in math.  One day C practiced his math facts by putting post it notes around the trampoline and running to the correct answer.  It was fun and active, but still a great review.

The FIRST LEGO League challenge was released this week.  This year the challenge is “World Class Learning Unleashed” and the teams will be figuring out an innovative way for people to learn about a topic of their own choosing.  Both boys met with their FLL teams and I’m confident we will be off to a good start.  We don’t have our table built yet, but the boys laid out the robot game configuration anyway.

Hope your year is off to a great start!

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3 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-up – Lots of Science

  1. We got to see butterflies a couple of years ago in Seattle. It was really cool. We had to got through an airlock to ensure that the butterflies didn’t escape.

    The lego models are amazing. We did a trip last October to Southern California and one of our stops was Legoland. It is we worth the trip. We spent two days there. The first day is chronicled in the post I linked to with this comment.

    Thank you for the nomination. I am hoping to get to it this week. I didn’t really learn to swim until adulthood either.

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