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A few days ago I was excited to see  Lucinda at Navigating by Joy had a fresh post.  I really enjoy seeing what they are up to at Lucinda’s house, so I headed straight over to see what wonderful book or science experiment they were doing.  I enjoy reading Navigating by Joy because Lucinda provides great links to learning resources and she challenges me to think outside the box (or rather the workbook ).  I’m often inspired by her to make sure we keep the hands on activities coming.  What I found that day was a delightful post “Seven Revealing Facts About Myself”.  It was great to learn more about Lucinda and I was honored to see Learning with Boys listed as one of her inspirational blogs.  Thank you!



Coming up with seven revealing facts was a bit challenging.  I hope you don’t think me too much of a chicken once you are done reading this.

Me at the Beach

1.  I learned to swim when I was 34.  When I was a kid my brother managed to teach me to back float and do a backstroke, but I couldn’t bring myself to jump into deep water and would sometimes be seized with fear if I was in deep water.  Once my boys started swimming, I realized how much I wanted to be able to relax in and around water.  I signed up for adult swim classes.  I’m no longer afraid of jumping into deep water and I can freestyle swim and tread water.  I’ve discovered I don’t actually enjoy timing my breath and having my face in the water for swimming laps.  But now I can go to the pool and swim laps in deep water doing the backstroke and feeling relaxed and happy knowing I can swim.

2.  My favorite drink is tea.  Hot or iced, black or green, sweet or unsweet.  I really like sweet tea, but I also like having a waist, so I no longer put sugar in my tea at home.

3. I started college as a journalism major and left 5 years later with a degree in Chemical Engineering – Environmental Emphasis.  A few more years down the road that turned out to be great preparation for being a homeschool mom and blogger.   I’m teaching science and coaching robotics and connecting people with resources and I love it!

Climbing stairs at Old Man's Cave4. I’m afraid of heights.  In the picture above I wanted to look up and smile, but I couldn’t because I was walking up steep stairs with gaps between them.   Fortunately I haven’t let my fear of heights hold me back from trying skydiving and parasailing, both were quite enjoyable.  If I remind myself it’s fun, I like zip lines too.  Mostly I just look where I want to go and push past the fear,  especially when I’m trying to keep up with my boys.

5. A few years ago we decided to give a completely plant based diet a try.  A friend of ours had been on a plant based diet for a couple of years and really loved it.  A couple of weeks into our plant based experiment,  I woke up and my hands and feet didn’t ache for the first time in years.  At that point I was hooked.  It is difficult for me to meet all our dietary needs and provide enough variety (especially for the kids) so we include some meat and dairy in the family diet at this point but MUCH less than we used to.   Amazingly going plant based provides me with more freedom to be creative when I’m cooking.  I make many meals without a recipe now and almost all of them turn out great.


6.  Recently we’ve started taking the kids mountain biking.  I haven’t ridden much except nice flat “rail to trail” stuff for the last 12 years.  I enjoy being out on single track, but I’m probably pretty slow and not necessarily good.  Mostly I just enjoy being in the woods and the sense of accomplishment.  I’d rather be slow on the trail than sitting around watching TV.

7.  I’m constantly striving to be more patient, organized, social and adventurous.  While I’m at it, I’d also like to live simply and be content with what I have.   I never want to stop learning and growing and looking at things in a fresh way.  I really hope I’m challenging myself even when I’m old.

Now it’s time to turn our attention to some other amazing bloggers!

Here are the guidelines 

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Nominations. I am inspired by several blogs. Several of my favorites have already been nominated but there are a few more I haven’t seen nominations for:

Chris at Tales of a Househusband

Dave at Bloke School

Both of the above are written by homeschooling dads.  It’s hard enough as a mom to step out in the homeschooling world and try to “find your tribe” but I think it has to be even more difficult as a homeschool dad.  These dads are doing a great job and I love the fresh perspective they bring.

Melissa at Joys of Home Educating – Melissa has great photographs and I always want to head out for an adventure after reading her posts.

Claire at Angelic Scalliwags – I know Claire already shared her award but if you aren’t familiar with her site you really do need to check it out.

Julie at Highhill Homeschool – Julie always has a ton of great hands on science activities.

Again thanks to Lucinda for the nomination!  I know I’m going to think of more blogs I should have nominated – so many of you have helped me along this homeschool journey!

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