Happy Father’s Day!

Jumping waves Over the years my husband has received some unique birthday and Father’s Day presents.  One year E made a card in the form of a paper airplane and another year the neighbor girls helped the boys stage a birthday parade.

I wanted to share their projects from this year in case you’re looking for a low / no cost creative solution.

E used Scratch to make a personalized greeting card!  (Push the green flag after it loads)

C made a Rube Goldberg contraption – marble run to magnetic cannon to flying pig to spinning Father’s Day banner.

The Scratch creation took less than 30 minutes. (If you want an invisible sprite just select the sprite and unclick “show” – that’s how E made it look like the picture was talking)  The Rube Goldberg contraption took considerably longer to design, troubleshoot, film, and edit.  C put more than 2 hours into the project.  We also put together a short iMovie just for dad.

It was great to see how naturally they chose engineering, coding and technology to create special keepsakes.

We’re looking forward to spending time with dad this weekend creating more memories.

Hope you have a wonderful Father’s Day!

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