Let’s go Racing!



How cool is this LEGO Race Car?  It’s part of LEGO Travel Adventure exhibit now on display at Great Lakes Science Center.

Our public school friends finished school this week.  We were happy to get the chance to meet up with part of E’s FIRST LEGO League Team to visit the new LEGO exhibit.  If you have the chance to see this traveling exhibit by the Indianapolis Children’s Museum it is well worth the time.  There were several amazing mosaics including a lenticular of Tigger, Eeyore and Piglet. I had no idea it was possible to make a lenticular completely out of LEGO. The models included the Taj Mahal, Titanic, the Palace of Naboo and many other fabulous creations.


The kids enjoyed looking at the displays and had a great time building with their friends.  I’d never seen so many pink and blue bricks.


While we were at the science center we also saw the film Island of Lemurs: Madagascar.   I hadn’t realized lemurs were endemic to Madagascar.  Madagascar is such a wonderfully diverse ecosystem.  70% of the plants and animals there are found no place else on earth. It was very sad to learn about the deforestation of Madagascar.  I was reminded how the decisions we make ripple through the globe touching the lives of other people, animals, plants, and ecosystems.

It is a difficult balance at times – providing for our families and respecting the environment.  The picture seems so simple when we see people slashing the rainforest in order to advance agriculture.  It’s easy to forget just how much damage has been done to our own land or how our choices make an impact.  Certainly we can choose fuel efficient cars, limit our driving, and avoid products made with palm oil. We can also just buy less stuff.  I think we forget we can live with less.  I know I do sometimes.  Even though I try to think carefully about the items I bring into our home, an over-abundance creeps in.   Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been doing a lot of purging, decluttering, and re-organizing and I’m aghast at the amount of STUFF that accumulates.  It’s good sometimes to force ourselves to look at the excess that creeps in slowly and unnoticed.  I hope the experience of the all this cleaning will cause me to think carefully about each purchase I make during the next several months.


One last race car picture before we go!

Hope you are having a great summer!  Let me know if you have any great tips for avoiding the accumulation of clutter.

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    • Even the big kids loved it. I have to admit I would have had a go at sitting in it if I had been concerned about getting stuck.

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