Weekly Wrapup with Fun Facts

Fun Facts:

Male anglerfish are a fraction of the size of females and don’t have a light for catching prey.  They bite onto a female and permanently attach.  The front part of the male dissolves and the two share a circulatory system.

Lactose tolerance varies widely by country.  Here’s a map of lactose intolerance. It’s probably not a good idea to invest in a pizza chain in China.

Jumping Mice can jump 3-4 Meters!

Geckos don’t use suction.  It comes down to molecular adhesion.

Painted Lady Butterfly

We released our butterflies this week.   They were in a hurry to leave, so this is the only open wing picture I was able to take.

Science Center Collage

We took a field trip to the Science Center this week.  The kids all made wooden key chain fobs in a homeschool Fab Lab class.  Things went much smoother for the boys using Corel Draw program this time.  They made a Lego Mini-fig and a Curiosity Rover with the laser cutter.

Ledges Collage

“Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.”

Frank Lloyd Wright 

We enjoyed the wonderful weather this week.  The boys amazed me again with their powers of observation – from studying what was living in a small water hole in a log to enjoying the texture of young leaves.  Of course, there was plenty of jumping and climbing and running as well.

As always it was a delight to spend time with the boys this week – exploring nature, enjoying a good book together, and learning about fascinating animals.  When I look back at life, these are the memories I will always cherish.

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