Rock On!

Tree Roots @ Ledges

Isn’t that tree amazing?  I love how the seed for the tree somehow found it’s way into a crevice and managed to grow with its roots exposed.  It’s unexpected and beautiful.

Running Through the Ledges

We had a great time this week exploring local geology.  After a hike at the beautiful ledges, E had questions about the formation of Sharon Conglomerate.   I found another park with outcroppings of the conglomerate, so we went hiking there and visited the nature center.  Just as I was hoping, the nature center had a display that explained how the rock was formed.

Pebble Layer in the Ledges

This part of Ohio was once a river delta.  As the river(s) reached the ocean and slowed, sand, small rocks, and even small shells precipitated out.  Those deposits of sand and quartz pebbles eventually compressed and formed the Sharon Conglomerate.  When you touch the rock it is very obviously sandstone.

Rocky Holes - LedgesSometimes softer rock erodes away leaving a “honeycomb” pattern.

In some areas we see massive sections of the conglomerate “slumping”.  We learned this is usually caused by the softer shale layer underneath giving way.

When we set out on our hike last Friday, I wasn’t expecting the interest in the rock formations to emerge the way it did.  The trail is actually among the boys favorite places to hike, but they hadn’t given much thought to how the rock was formed and why the crevices exist.

We had a nice time finding answers to our questions and “spending time in the field.”  In addition, this made a nice extension of our previous geology studies this year.  This fall, between our Yellowstone trip and FIRST Lego League research, we did a lot of study on volcanoes, thermal features and igneous rocks.  I love how it is all coming together to form a really nice unit study of geology.

In other news, Learning with Boys blog turns 1 year old this week.  Thank you for making this such a fun adventure.  If you didn’t get a chance to check out  “Signs you MIGHT be a bit nerdy”,  please do and leave comments.  I’ve had a great time reading the comments and nodding my head in agreement!

Hope you are having a great week!

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9 thoughts on “Rock On!

  1. I always loved geology growing up. my kids do too. I need to get them to the north part of the state that has more geological formations. We are in the flat MS delta so there isn’t much to see on the surface.

    • Have you read “Marvels in the Muck – Life in the Salt Marshes” by Doug Wechsler? It’s set in New Jersey, but I think you might find a lot of information that would apply to the MS delta as well. We have some fresh water estuaries fairly close to us I’m anxious to explore.

  2. Happy Birthday, Learning with Boys! Thank you for sharing your adventures with us.
    Geology is so fascinating. I wish my kids were a bit more interested in it. Oh well, there’s plenty of time …

    • It is a very fun place. We are fortunate to live close to a lot of great parks. The ones with Ledges like these tend to be among their favorites.

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