We’re in the Navy and lots of other happenings


What a wonderful week!  Months ago the scout group scheduled a sleepover on the USS Little Rock at the naval park in Buffalo.  It sounded so fun and unique.  I signed all of us up so we could make a weekend of it.  We had a great time, but I’m certainly not navy material.  The boys enjoyed hanging out with their friends and exploring the ships.

Niagara 2Before our naval sleepover,  we took some time to visit the Niagara Falls area.  We went to the New York Power Vista Visitor Center to learn about the hydroelectric plant on the American side.  We braved the cold and rain to take a few pictures of the whirlpool and gorge and visited the Falls from the American side (this was my 3rd trip to Niagara and the first time I’ve ever viewed them from the American side – weird).  We headed over to Canada where the kids were anxious to check into the hotel and go to the water park.  It might not have been the best time of year for sight seeing, but the kids had a great time at the water park.  Given how cold the weather was the next morning we headed back to the water park for a few hours before crossing back to the US for our navy adventure.

Vernal Pool @ Brandywine - Reflecting

Our vernal pool unit study continues.  It’s still early in the season, but we’ve already had some great finds.  We’re eager to be outside and this unit is the perfect reason.  We also studied the pools last year and the boys are doing a great job expanding on their prior knowledge to make new discoveries.  We found some deformed tadpoles this week and were able to use our contacts from zoo class to help solve the mystery.  I love that the boys are learning to ask experts for help.

Nature Walk April 2014

This week we saw muskrats at the creek for the first time.  The weather was so warm and nice on Thursday we decided to call it a field day.  First we went by the vernal pools to see if we could spot any frog or salamander eggs yet.  We think we spotted some salamander egg clumps.   We found plenty of bullfrog tadpoles and our first snail for the season.

Nature Walk - VP1

We frequently take pictures of E wringing out his socks.  He returned the favor today.  I may have been paying more attention to the picture I was after than water depth.


After a short trip by the house so I could change clothes we headed to the zoo.  The storks provided the most entertainment.  There was a huge gust of wind that caused them to lose their balance and one of them seemed like he was going to fall down the hill. As soon as they recovered they started vocalizing and clicking.  It really seemed like they were sharing a laugh over the whole incident.

You would think with all time outdoors we wouldn’t have found time to do any reading, writing, or math, but somehow we managed to stay reasonably productive on that front.

We finally read – “Sir Ernest Shackleton and the Struggle Against Antarctica.”  I was hoping E would select it to read on his own, but he hadn’t yet and the library wouldn’t allow me to renew it.  It made a nice quick read aloud.  “By endurance, we conquer.” is inscribed on the Shackleton coat of arms (although in Latin of course) and became a motto of Shackleton’s.  The determination and fortitude of the Antarctic explorers is so amazing.

Hope you are having a great week and enjoying warmer weather as well!



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  1. Oh my boys would have loved this week!! We don’t have a creek to explore, but that it right up their ally!! Sounds like a great week for homeschooling!

  2. New reader here. I have two boys (twins, 7). They would have loved a weekend like this! I have no brothers, so raising boys is an adventure in itself!

    • Thanks for stopping in! Boys are certainly a fun adventure. I’m so glad I get to spend so many days wading around in creek beds and checking out their newest LEGO creations.

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