Testing… and a Nature Hike

Cardinal and Sparrow (?) bathing in creek I thought about not doing a post this week, since standardized testing consumed most of our week.  Fortunately on Friday the temperatures warmed up, and we were able to take a nature hike.

It was so wonderful to get a spring thaw.  The entire trail seemed alive with the sounds of birds.

Upper Vernal Pool in Winter

We hiked along the path where there are several vernal pools.  Right now the pools are still covered in snow and ice, but as soon as the temperatures rise to the 50s the spring peepers and salamanders will start emerging.


We had a fun time hanging out and playing.

"Favorite" tree in winter




We actually have a “favorite” tree along the trail.  As we walked past I caught just a bit of movement and was actually able to snag a picture of……

Raccoon in Tree Hollow

A raccoon!   He poked his head out just long enough for the boys and I to get a peek before disappearing again.

Chipmunk in winter

Two chipmunks were frolicking about and enjoying the warm weather.

Our walk was a terrific way to put the drudgery of testing behind us and look forward with hope to spring.   Over the next few weeks / months we will be visiting the trails frequently to observe the changes.







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