Appreciating Learning Styles

Tinker's Creek Winter Ducks 2

Sunday the temperature was above freezing, so I went for a short hike.  It was so nice out in the fresh air.  I really enjoyed seeing these ducks playing in the current.


When the weather is bitter cold, it’s fun to learn about polar explorers.  We watched “Chasing Shackleton” a PBS series about a group of explorers retracing Shackleton’s 1916 journey in a modified life boat 800 miles to get help for his crew stranded near Antarctica.  It was really amazing – both the Shackleton story and what the Jarvis team did.

It is always amazing to me how much the boys learn from documentaries like this.  They are constantly gathering new information, picking up on small visual details, and making comparisons to past information.

Tinker's Creek with Snow 2-23

Even though as a parent and homeschooler I want to adjust to their learning styles,  I have a hard time shifting away from the paradigm that learning comes primarily from print and other methods are for supplementation.  (I’m sure this is in part because I’m such an avid print learner.)  Yet I understand that some things cannot be learned from print and I appreciate the amount of information that is available in video and sound recordings. For instance, a picture of the Aurora Borealis in a text book can’t compare to a video.  For years I let bird calls go through one ear and out the other without pausing to think that I could learn the sounds.  The world really becomes a richer place once we open ourselves up to learning by different methods.  This is what I love about the homeschool journey – I’m learning right along side the kids and they are so gracious about forgiving me when it takes me a while to get it right.

How do you adjust to the learning styles of your children?

9 thoughts on “Appreciating Learning Styles

  1. Thanks so much for his post Carol. I needed to read it. I am always concerned about our learning style and is it right? is it enough? sigh….we will know when they leave home I guess…lol…Peace to your day!

  2. I’ve got one who learns so much from videos. I figure that as long as the reading skills, etc. Continue to progress everything is going as it should be.

  3. I feel the same way. My son learns so much from hearing and seeing it on videos or audio books. Sometimes I get concerned but if the other is still progressing, I just cater to his learning styles 😉

  4. We watch documentaries here as well 🙂 Finding the learning styles of children can be a challenge. My boys would build and play all day, but trying to get them motivated to learn can be tricky. We incorporate several things into our HS day, including lots of large motor time…when we lived in Alaska, we actually took breaks midday to bundle up in layers and get outside for at least 10 minutes 🙂 It made for happier boys!

  5. I’m related to Shackleton on my mum’s side, and can’t wait to cover all the explorers in our history. I’m embarrassed to say that I only know what my mum told me about him, and very little more.
    I enjoyed reading your post today!

    • How cool! It seems like we spend a short time on arctic explorers each year instead of doing one larger unit. It seems so perilous to explore the arctic regions in modern times. We are just amazed by the risks taken by early explorers.

  6. I can totally relate. I have a complete bias in favour of print learning. If I’m googling a topic I’ll do almost anything to avoid having to watch a video rather than read! I want my kids to know the joy of reading research, too, but I can’t deny that they learn a HEAP from videos. I guess the world is a-changing!

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