Still Winter with a glimpse of Spring

Winter DeerIt’s that time of year when the weather gets crazy.  Monday I wrote a post about anticipating spring.  Tuesday morning we woke up to an unexpected 8″ of fresh snow and had these visitors in our backyard.

Sledding 3-19Wednesday morning it was well above freezing, sunny and no wind, so we went sledding. I found myself just soaking up the sun.  45 F (7 C) felt so warm with the sun shining.

2014 Pinewood Derby Cars

The boys are (almost) done with their Pinewood Derby cars, The Cheese Racer and The Tie-Dye Turtle.  It was fun teaching C the technique for getting the color fade on his surf board.  Both of E and C had a fun time making polymer clay creations for their cars.  C had a difficult time getting the scale right for his turtle to ride the board, so he ended up using one that I made on the car.  I was okay with that, because he made 4 turtles plus a chambered nautilus.  He made one that was really good, but something was wrong with the clay and it completely melted in the oven.  I had a great time crafting and creating with them this week.

This week we finished reading How to Train Your Dragon #11.   Now we have to wait patiently for the next installment.  I’m really sad this series is ending.  We’ve had such a great time reading the adventures of Hiccup.

I’ve been busy previewing books.  Carry On, Mr. Bowditch looks like it will be a good book for the boys.  E in particular really likes historical fiction, so this should be a great pick for him.  I also read The Willoughbys (very peculiar)  and The Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler (interesting, kind of fun, and a little dated).  On their own the boys read Nanotechnology, Worlds Most Dangerous Animals, one about spiders and I think another crab book.   I read part of “The Whale Scientists” out loud.  This is the first one from the Scientists in the Field series that we just didn’t really find engaging.  C is rather sensitive to graphic descriptions of animal suffering so I found myself skipping a lot.

Winter Berries


The little bit of sunshine this week did my spirit so much good.  It was SO wonderful to be outside and actually be comfortable.

Hope you are having a great week!

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  1. We read Carry On: Mr. Bowditch for our history as well. The kids enjoyed it, though my daughter eats up the Dear America books faster. I wish we had your snow!! But my SC neighbors would just lynch me! Good catch on the deer!!

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