7 Warm Spring Thoughts

Early Spring Buds 3/20As I write this, the wind is howling around the house and it is snowing again, BUT by the end of this week we might get rain.  Spring is just around the corner.  Please, let spring be just around the corner.

I never want to wish away my life.  Each moment is precious and the months and years fly by so quickly.  Yet at this point in winter,  I long for the warmer weather and the comfort of being out in the sunshine.

Mid-march is only 4 weeks away.  I sorted through my pictures and found these warm thoughts from mid-March to give us hope that spring will be here soon.  The woods will awaken again.  We can make it.  It’s just a few more weeks!

These are some of the spring things I’m looking forward to:

Early Spring Wildflower 3/20

The first flowers of spring emerging from the brown forest floor.

Frog @ Turtle Pond 3/20

Frogs singing their mating calls from local ponds and pools.

Male Duck @ Vernal Pool 3/20

Ducks finding mates and nesting.

Red-winged Blackbirds 3/20

Red-winged blackbirds singing their songs high above the turtle ponds.

Painted Turtles Sunning 3/20

Painted turtles leisurely sunning themselves on the logs of turtle pond.

Yellow Spotted Salamander

Salamanders emerging to make their night time journeys to the vernal pools.

South Chagrin - Crawfish

Best of all, I’m looking forward to children exploring the woods and creeks.  I’m looking forward to seeing their delight as they discover snakes, frogs, crawfish, salamanders and caddisflies.

It won’t be long now! Spring is just around the corner. Just a few more weeks.


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5 thoughts on “7 Warm Spring Thoughts

  1. Wonderful pictures! Oh, I can “almost” feel those warm spring winds now. I say almost simply because I just spent over an hour building an igloo/fort with the kids in snow up to my hips! Oh please let spring be around the corner! 🙂

  2. What beautiful photos! We didn’t have winter where I live. Each time I would hear from family living in Michigan that they had more snow, I would be a little sad that I couldn’t take my kiddo outside to play in mountains of snow, build snowmen, and enjoy the outside. Now that it’s February, I am so glad we haven’t been bombarded with snow storms 🙂 I hope you get some of our nice weather soon!

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