Engineers’ Week Past

Back when I was in Engineering School, we always celebrated Engineers’ Week right around St. Patricks Day, because St. Pat was an engineer.  You didn’t know that?  It’s true – he created the first  “worm drive”.  (Ba-dum-dum)  Okay, so the joke hasn’t gotten any better, but it is really fun to have an Engineers’ Week.

Last year our celebration was pretty spontaneous.  We purchased marshmallows, toothpicks, straws, and cups for building.

Engineer's Week - Green Boat Engineers Week - Boat

The boys found some left over foam supplies and built boats.  Since it was cold outside the stairs became the test ground for the boats.  The objective was to safely get your LEGO mini-figs down the stairs in your boat.

Toothpick Ferris Wheel

They had a great time making marshmallow and toothpick towers.  E even made a ferris wheel.

The Great Wall of China

We also happened to be studying ancient China, so after making several marshmallow creations and cup towers the boys built their own version of the Great Wall and attacked it with LEGO mini-figs and catapults.


On Chemical Engineering Day, we explored non-Newtonian fluids by mixing up a batch of oobleck.  Start with equal parts water and cornstarch then make additions until you have a liquid when the mixture is uncompressed and a solid when under pressure.

Red Cabbage Indicator



We also tested the pH of a variety of substances using red cabbage as the indicator.  You can make a pH paper from the cabbage juice, but we preferred using the cabbage right out of the food processor.

Chocolate Pi








On 3/14 we celebrated Pi day by making and eating Chocolate Pie.

Swiffer Bot








On computer science day we messed around a little on Scratch and E built a “Swiffer Bot” for me using his NXT.









We finished up the week by taking a field trip to the science center.






We had a ton of fun with lots of hands on learning!  The boys really got into it and they are looking forward to having another Engineers’ Week this year.

This year we are planning to celebrate Engineers’ Week March 10 – 16.   I’m working on a list of ideas to share with you all soon!

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