Science Center and Sledding – Weekly Wrap-up

This was one of the weeks we really enjoyed the freedom of homeschooling.  We stayed in our warm cozy house and got a lot of work done, but we also made time to go sledding when the weather was somewhat nicer.  The sledding made a nice recess / gym time and then we were back to work.  It felt good to be in control of our schedule instead of waiting to hear each day if school was in session or not.

Lightning Tube



Last Friday we spent some much needed time with friends.  Even though the boys didn’t care for baseball, the positive of giving it a try was meeting some super nice families.  One of the families also home schools, so we met them at the science center for a few hours.  The kids had a great time building and playing together.




Despite snowy roads, the boys had four soccer games on Saturday, and I finally got a much needed haircut and color.


Monday the snow finally stopped falling and although the temperatures were bitter cold we went sledding.  The sun was shining at our house when we set out for one of our normal hills.  The closer we got the more snow was in the air.  The boys had one nice trip down the hill and then it really started snowing hard.  Then the wind started to howl.  They got in 3 trips and I took 1 trip down before we decided to get back in the car.  Apparently we were in a lake effect squall.  We drove to a different smaller hill south of our house where the sun was shining and the boys had a good time despite the cold.

A cool thing happened in the snow this week, snow rollers.  Check out this news link for pictures and an explanation.


With all the bitter cold temperatures we did a fair amount of baking this week.  The boys practiced their lab skills by making cookies.  My Louisiana friends have all been posting pictures of Mardi Gras decorations, which put me in the mood for King Cake.  Living up north, like we do, there isn’t a King Cake season (Jan. 6 – Fat Tuesday), so I’ve had to learn how to bake my own.  It is so good fresh from the oven!

School work was pretty routine this week.  Reading, math, grammar, and writing.  E has been writing “The Adventures of Super Pig.”  It’s been really fun to see him enjoy creative writing.  He’s gotten proficient enough with typing to make the process much more enjoyable for him.

With all the cold weather outside we had a nice time snuggling up to read How to Train Your Dragon #9 : How to Steal a Dragon’s Sword.

I finally completely finished the roman shade I made for the playroom and posted “LEGO Organization” with before and after pics of the boys playroom.

Hope you all had a safe week this week and enjoyed the snow.

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