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I have 2 boys 9 and 10 who love playing with LEGOs.  With both of them collecting sets for 5 years that has turned into a sea of LEGOs.

Recently we had the carpet replaced in the playroom and updated things to reflect their age and interests a bit better.

LEGO Play Room - Large EXPEDIT w/ Desk



We installed a large IKEA EXPEDIT shelf on one side of the room.  It works well for most of the LEGO sets, but some are too wide and ended up on top of the bookcase.  That’s okay with my boys, because they really just want to display those.  We also attached an Expedit desk and have been pleased with it.  Along the bottom shelves I used clear plastic Sterilite 23L storage bins.  There are some nice colorful box options, but the clear bins work better for us.




Our playroom has a nook.  In the past all the toys would end up piled in front of the bookcase making it inaccessible.  We went with another EXPEDIT shelf, a LACK wall shelf unit turned vertical, and a MICKE desk along with a LACK wall shelf.  The MICKE desk was perfect for the tight dimensions of the space.  My son likes the cozy feeling of the nook and this allowed him to keep his cave space.


Plastic Storage Drawers for LEGOs




Although they aren’t at all decorative the plastic drawers really help keep the space tidy.  The boys each have their own “systems” for storing pieces and parts.  Some hold mini-figs, others are small wheeled vehicles, and then there are some categories I don’t understand.  I’m okay with that, as long as they know where to find things.  The drawers are easy to pull out and the shallowness makes it easy to search for parts.





I thought about installing wood blinds, but wanted to avoid having too many shades of white, plus the room needed a little softness.  I decided to make a Roman shade out to the curtains I had originally made for their playroom back when they were preschoolers.  It turned out to be a nice piece of nostalgia.

The paint color is BEHR: Sparkling Apple.   I figure it will make a nice green screen when they start doing stop animation.  The color is bright and vibrant during the day, yet soothing and peaceful when the lights are turned down.

I’m a fan of before and after shots so:




Despite the appearance above the room really did work, and look okay, at one point when they were younger.  Then they wanted a desk and the LEGO collection grew and grew – it was time for a change.

I’m still working on getting some baseplates mounted on the wall, some hooks for medals, and maybe updating the art work.  It’s been about 5 months since the main bookshelves and desks were put in and they’ve done a great job keeping the room clean and organized.

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