Cold and Bitter Cold – Weekly Wrapup

DSC_1325I really struggled to find the right voice for the weekly wrap-up this week.  You see, I’ve had a cold and it seemed like this week was full of ups and downs.  The first week back after a break is always a tough one for me.  I would love to jump right back in with my goals, my schedules, and get some things accomplished.  The kids though seem to need some time to warm up to the idea of having a schedule again.  I’m learning to go with their pace,  knowing they are learning a ton while they are watching documentaries and Mythbusters and playing games (more on that later).

DSC_1268As I was thinking about the fact I didn’t take pictures this week, I realized I hadn’t shared our ice storm pictures from Christmas break.  They seemed like the perfect metaphor for this week.  The ice caused us all sorts of travel worries, but we were able to adjust.  A little planning and flexibility saved us from hours of tense driving.  Conditions were just perfect so that the trees and grasses were covered with thick coats of ice, but the roads stayed clear and there weren’t power outages in our area.  It was all spectacularly beautiful, in the light.  If you looked at the same scene from the other direction it was mundane.  The beauty was completely lost if the lighting wasn’t right.

Looking through the ice storm pictures reminded me of the importance of attitude and perspective.  If we look for the good in situations and people we will find it.  Some times we only see the beauty of a particular time in our life after we have passed through it.



Now on to what actually happened this week.

It was bitter cold for a few days, which made me very thankful we could just snuggle up in the house and ease our way back into “doing school”.  I felt bad for the kids and parents facing uncertainty about whether they would have school or not.

Since we were in a relaxed school mode but still learning a ton it made me realize I should be doing a better job of documenting our activities that don’t produce any written evidence.  I started a new Daily Log that I’m keeping alongside our Reading Log.  I’ve tried to keep a log in the past but in a handwritten notebook that ends up getting  misplaced.  I’m hoping that by moving the record to the computer I’ll be more diligent about keeping it.  I’ve kept our Reading Log up to date this semester so I’m hopeful by having them side by side I can make this stick.

I was mesmerized this week by how much information is available on demand.  My grandma used to tell me about all the ways the world had changed during her life time (she was born in 1901).  When I was a kid I just couldn’t imagine that things would change much in my lifetime.  Now I look at the way my kids are able to pull up a documentary about whatever they feel like learning about and I think, “Wow, that is a long way from 3 channels on a black and white tv.”  This week the boys chose documentaries on the history of  the Wizard of Oz, and North Pole exploration, and the Galapagos Islands along with several episodes of Mythbusters.

Despite public school being canceled our zoo class still met.  I was so relieved Zoo Class was still a go, because the boys LOVE to go.  This week they petted an armadillo,  a ground hog, and a bearded dragon. : )

Game playing was also big with the kids this week.  A couple years ago we got on a big Scrambled States kick and E learned all 50 states and most of the capitols just by playing the game.  This week we played Scrambled States, Quirkle, and Slap Jack (good for visual processing speed).


All in all it was a good week despite the battles with sickness, bouts of insecurity and occasional feeling of being overwhelmed when I looked too far into the future.

This is a beautiful journey when we remember to keep the right perspective!

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6 thoughts on “Cold and Bitter Cold – Weekly Wrapup

  1. I’m constantly amazed how much they learn and retain from Mythbusters and other TV shows. Visual media really enhances their learning.

  2. What beautiful photos. I hope you’re feeling better now. It sounds like lots of learning happened, anyway. 🙂 You just inspired me to get Qwirkle, but at the moment it’s £46 on Amazon so I think I might wait til it’s come down a bit!

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