Almost the end of the year!

Congrats to the Lego Dragons and RoboTigers!  I’m working on a post all about Jr. FLL and FIRST Lego League (FLL).  1acTw+oUSXm6KgM5fiTxCw

The Lego Dragons were awarded the Picasso Award for model and poster design.  It was a privilege to coach the Lego Dragons and I’m looking forward to everything we are going to learn together this coming year as we move up to FLL.


jhicifdhA huge congrats to the RoboTiger team.  They won an award for Best Mechanical Robot design and the Ambassador Award at their regional tournament.  As a result they will be advancing to the District competition.  E’s coaches are wonderful.  The kids are  learning so much from this program.

Having concluded our FLL tournaments this weekend we are taking a break from “school” this week and celebrating the holidays. That means we are mostly doing science and art.  The boys really enjoyed the Hour of Code activities last week and continued doing those on their own.


We celebrated “Christmas at Our House”, our annual immediate family Christmas, and I wanted to share a super cool gift the boys made.  This year they made a replica of the building where my husband works.  He was very involved in the construction project, so when the boys saw a Lego Architecture set of the United Nation Headquarters they thought they could modify it as a Christmas gift for dad.  This is just the perfect art project.  There were parts of the building they couldn’t express with Lego but the overall representation is really impressive.

I hope to get a post or two in next week but you never now how busy things might get so I hope you and your family have a blessed and wonderful Christmas!




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