Candy Making: Snow and Cold Weather Science Part 3

Want a science activity your kids will love?  Try making candy!  It’s more of an observation experiment as the hot sticky syrup requires adult handling, but it’s fun and tasty.


The first time we did this activity the kids were amazed that pure sugar candy was really just sugar with a tiny bit of flavoring.   We’ve used just sugar and we’ve  used the kit from Hobby Lobby that comes with some powdered corn syrup.  I thought it went faster when we used the kit but I didn’t time it.


The nice part about the kit is that it comes with a couple of reusable molds.



I added blue food coloring and raspberry flavoring.  Somehow before the process was done the blue reacted with the flavoring and turned green.



The trays that come with the kit are really handy.  Once we tried making candy without using the molds and we ended up with lots of sharp edges.

If you are using the kit there is more mixture than what fits in the molds so have some aluminum foil or wax paper handy to make extra shapes.

This activity ties in well if you are studying crystals, saturation, or phase changes.  It is also a good time to review melting and boiling points in F and C and emphasize that 0 and 100 C are the melting and boiling points for water at 1 atm pressure.  Other substances have different melting and boiling points.

Wishing you many happy science experiments!



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