10 Homeschool Perks

Homeschool has its perks.  These aren’t reasons we homeschool, they are just some of the stress reducers / enjoyable aspects of homeschooling:

Red-spotted Newt headshot1. Nature walks – at my house this might be a reason for homeschooling.  My kids love to observe nature and we learn so much about animals and their habitats.  I included it in perks, because I love the freedom to head outside on a beautiful day.  I truly missed spending that time with my kids when they were in traditional school.

2. LUNCH – I like making lunch at noon instead of packing it at 7 AM.  I like the simple focus on nutritious food.  I know the soup is hot,  the baked potato is just right, and the yogurt is cold.  I also enjoy sitting at the table with my kids.

Plasma Ball @ Science Center


3. Freedom to explore museums without the crowds.  We love going to the museums.  We know some of the docents by name, we go so often.  We also like to take classes at the zoo and science center.


4. Short sleeves or long sleeves, jacket or no jacket, jacket or coat, where is your jacket?! – I don’t miss predicting the weather at recess at 7 AM or hoping everyone is dressed comfortably for the entire day and will get home with all the clothes they took.

5. Speaking of getting home with everything – Library books, permission slips, reading journals, $2.00 for something, pajama day, box tops, send supplies for this or that,  ……..  Our school supplies all have a home.  Library day happens when we want new books. I usually keep a record of the books we have read but it’s just for my information. There is no constant back and forth of paperwork and supplies.

Chromatic Pool

6. Vacation is a learning opportunity and a break.  We went to Yellowstone this fall.  We spent 4 weeks before we went learning about the geology and the animals that live there.  We did a few “educational” things while we were there, but very minimal.  Once we returned home we studied a few additional subjects we had questions about as a result of the trip.   I felt like we got more out of our vacation dollars because we had the chance to study things before and after.  The hands on learning coupled with the book learning really cemented the concepts in the kids minds.

7. Sick days – With homeschool we hardly ever completely miss a day due to illness.   We might take it easy and do more read alouds or watch a documentary.  They don’t have make-up work while they are still recovering.  I also find the kids seem to get over things faster because they are well rested.  I like not having to decide less than an hour after they get up whether they are fit enough to go to school.

Boys beside creek - Hemlock

8. The freedom to take a break when we need it.  Sometimes that means 10 minutes between subjects.  Sometimes it means a mid-morning walk or a day at the museum.

9. Reading books that are interesting – This is always near the top of my kids list when you ask what they like about homeschool.  Reading is so much more enjoyable when the kids have a high degree of input on what they are reading.  It’s also fun to read books together as a family and discuss them.



10. Relationships –  I love having TIME to spend with my kids.  It gives us time to develop inside jokes and memories.  Because we are able to get our work done during the day it also gives us all more time to spend doing enjoyable things with dad.

These are some of the blessing I count at the end of my day.

We still have our busy seasons when we are rushing out the door to practice, but homeschool has helped us move away from the hectic rush to a more purposeful yet relaxed pace.


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5 thoughts on “10 Homeschool Perks

  1. We sure love our nature walks as well. Taking advantage of museums and local attractions during the middle of the day, when everyone else is at school and work is another favorite!

    I really like your last picture of you all in the woods, it looks like such a beautiful place.

  2. Your top 10 are similar to what mine would be. I’d also add taking vacation after Labor day (when things are still open, but kids are back in gov’t school) and random hugs and kisses to my list.

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