Fall Fun

Apple Picking 2013

Apple Picking!  It was a beautiful day.

Patterson Fun Fest

The boys used to love the hay shed, but this year they had sort of out grown it.  (I had to wipe a tear from my eye.)  Thankful many of the other activities were still very fun.

Zombie Caterpillar

Science found us this week, in the form of zombie caterpillars.  Fascinating and sad at the same time.

Cuyahoga River @ Cascade Valley

My wonderful autumn hike.  Fog was still rising off the water in the late morning. The boys were at zoo class.  They had a great time dissecting owl pellets.  I had a great time exploring on my own.

We took math outside this week to work on the times tables.  First C wrote out the answers he was practicing.  Then I called out a problem and he hopped on the correct answers.   It’s a fun way to practice and feels game like.  It also gave E a chance to complete his review without any distractions.

Last week we did a read aloud of The Phantom Tollbooth.  It was very clever and witty.  We had a great time discussing the vocabulary and idioms.  I could easily see making a unit study out of the book.   E has been reading lots of books about hurricanes and tornadoes as part of his FLL research and C is continuing reading books about Yellowstone animals.

Thanks again to the Friday hosts!

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10 thoughts on “Fall Fun

  1. I love fall and Apple orchards. Thanks for the information about zombie caterpillars. I’m passing it along to Firecracker since he loves anything with the word zombie in the name!

  2. Hi I found you at WUHS Weekly Wrap up.
    Those Zombie Caterpillars looked weird! What was that?
    What a beautiful setting to take a hike at.

    I would like to invite you to join my Saturday link up as well. It’s called, “This Week…” It is a homeschool week in review link up.
    I would love for you to join in.
    ~~ Renee

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