Weekly Wrap-Up – Lots of soccer and good food

Soccer ballSoccer, soccer, soccer.  Between our two boys some one is playing soccer every day except Saturday.  I decided I’m not cooking dinner until November.  Seriously.  I fix a nice lunch each day that hopefully yields some leftovers and the kids eat  lunch type foods at dinner time.  So far it’s working out well for every one.  My husband has access to great food at lunch time and doesn’t mind having a light evening meal.

I’ve been taking advantage of soccer practice to get back in the habit of walking every day. I’m annoyed with myself because I fell off the fitness wagon last year and it’s been a struggle to get going again.  I started walking about 2.5 miles during practice and now I’m up to 3.5 – 4.0 miles.   I added in 15-20 minutes / day  of strength exercise this week.  I really hate being back to square one and working so hard on things that used to come easier, but you have to restart somewhere.

The boys were  back in routine this week.  In our Yellowstone study,  they read about Black Bears and Geysers.  It was really interesting to learn the history of bears in Yellowstone.  During the early 1900’s the bears were welcomed to eat the garbage thrown out by the hotels.   We also learned about geysers around the world and under the sea.  Unrelated to Yellowstone, but related to hydrothermal ocean vents, we had a great discussion of Yeti Crabs.

The highlight of the week was another Zoo Class.   These boys LOVE animals.  They are having a great time learning about all the individual animals at the zoo.  They really enjoy learning the back story on the animals and having a chance to pet many of the smaller ones.  This week they were had the chance to pet a sugar glider!   I really was sort of jealous when I picked them up.!

Raspberries in baskets @ Greenfield Berry Farm From our raspberry picking last week I made a completely from scratch raspberry pie.  Amazing!

Ground Cherries

Ground Cherries

This week the CSA included edamame (yum!) and ground cherries.  I’d never heard of ground cherries before and we didn’t really get very many.  The ripe ones were like a small cherry tomato only sweeter and the not so ripe ones were a bit sour.  E thought I was going to eat the whole pint trying to decide what they tasted like!  I ended up using them as a tomato replacement in a Greek inspired pita and they were quite good.   I also broke out the dehydrator for some banana chips and kale chips.  I made banana chips for the first time a few months ago and E and I are hooked, so much better than store bought.

Hope you are having a great week full of learning!  Next wrap-up I hope to have LOTS more pictures!


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5 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up – Lots of soccer and good food

  1. The main thing I use my dehydrator for is the perfect kale chip 🙂 I also totally agree with you about not cooking until November. I feel like I’ve relied on cereal and scrambled eggs a lot recently for our dinners.

  2. So funny you mention edamame because I just heard of it for the first time last weekend and now I am seeing it everywhere! I am with you on the soccer and lunch vs dinner thing. All three of our kids are playing this year and it seems that every night there is either practice or gym classes or a game…sigh…weekends – back to making sure Sat and Sun are sit down family dinners!

    Enjoy your weekend!

    • I usually buy frozen edamame outside the shell. The kids like it with match stick carrots, spiral pasta, and a little soy sauce. Quick and easy for a high protein meatless meal.

  3. Oh, I hear ya! My kids’ didn’t want to play soccer this fall, but last fall when I had 3 in soccer…Well, I decided SANDWICHES for dinner was a must! Everyone eating at different times…exhaustion…It just didn’t work to make a family dinner most nights. Those raspberries look awesome!

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