The N in STEM Learning

Where’s the N in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math?  NATURE it’s a huge part of science!

Nature is a big part of our learning around here.  Not just nature walks and observation but learning to be patient and see things through out the seasons.  I try to make sure it is a thread that runs through all the things we do so that someday when my boys are making decisions they will understand the value of protecting natural resources.


Friday afternoon we went raspberry picking.  I love picking berries because it’s hard work!  I want the boys to enjoy eating something they have worked for AND appreciate the foods we buy that are picked by someone else.   C was delighted when he found a tiny spider hiding inside a berry he just picked.

DSC_1053We participate in a CSA.  Each week we visit the farm to pick up our portion of veggies for the week and purchase eggs if we need them.   Both boys really enjoy seeing the chickens each week.  I  wish we could grow veggies at our house but the suburban deer treat our backyard like a smorgasbord.


Our nature walk took us around a small pond and past an old tree farm. On one side of the trail were rows of old pine trees with no undergrowth and dead limbs at the bottoms from lack of light.  On the other side there was a diverse mixture of plants and trees.  It was a really cool contrast.  We found the usual dragonflies and frogs at the pond.  Somehow those never seem to get old.


The wildflowers were really beautiful.  I’m often so puzzled by what is a weed vs. what is a flower.   We had a good time finding lots of food sources for animals while we were walking.  I always enjoy the time we spend outdoors and feel so refreshed.

Wishing you delightful walks and nature observations this week!


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  1. Love the photo of the boys in the tree! It looks like a fun tree to explore and perfect for little boys to climb. Oh, and those raspberries look so good!
    Sounds like you had a great week!

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