Weekly Wrap-up – 2013 Back to School

We were easing into our back to school routines this week.

Solar Bag 6

We celebrated the first day of back to school by taking our solar bag to a local park.  For us, this super fun activity celebrates the freedom of homeschooling.  It also creates yet another memory hook to remember hot air is less dense than cold air.  We had a great discussion about the chemical make up of the atmosphere.  If you’re interested in the solar bag check out our BIG Science post to see more pictures.



We also started our Yellowstone unit study.  We will be learning about the geology of the park and its wildlife over the next several weeks.  I was so happy when the boys picked Wildlife Biology and Geology as two of the science topics they are most interested in this year.  I was thinking about buying a science textbook this year but they are very happy doing unit studies and they learn a tremendous amount.   I think I feel a little guilty sometimes because our unit studies don’t involve fancy notebooks or print outs.  I don’t even know how long they will last at the outset.

E’s FLL (FIRST Lego League) team met with a new team this week to give the new team advice and information. It is so adorable to see his team learning to be mentors!

It is always helpful when we come back from a break to do lots of read alouds. It isn’t too demanding yet builds vocabulary and listening skills.    We read Mr. Popper’s Penguins.  It is such a cute book and so quaint since it was written in 1938!  Next time we have a movie night we’ll watch Mr. Popper’s Penguins and spot the differences.

Chocolate Chip Cookie

We spent some time in the kitchen lab making cookies.  E and C enjoy using the kitchen scale to make their measurements in grams.  We looked up which countries besides the US don’t use the metric system and after some searching and more searching found them on the map.  We discussed how scientists, engineers, and doctors all use the metric system regularly.

We dusted off the math and grammar books for a couple of lessons.  I’ll admit I was enjoying the relaxed pace of summer, but we had a lot of fun doing “back to school” this week.

Hope your year is off to a great start!

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  1. Oh wow…I’ve never seen a solar bag before. I’ll have to check that out for my boys. They would love it. If anything, maybe we’ll look through your science post together.
    Happy back to school! 🙂

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