Back to School with BIG Science

One of our back to school traditions is to start the year with a science experiment.  So while traditional school parents are buying backpacks,  we are ordering a solar bag.  The experiment works best on a sunny morning.

Solar Bag 1


We tried this at our house last year and  decided it would be a much better idea to go to the park.

The bag is really long.








Solar Bag 2

Solar Bag 3


Solar Bag 4


Finally its almost full!

We tied it off and added a string.  Then we waited a little bit for the sun to do its job.

Solar Bag 5


Solar Bag 8


Solar Bag 9






If only we had reeled it in and called it a day right here.









Solar Bag 9


The string wrapped up in a tree.

Solar Bag 10

I spent about 15 minutes walking across the ball field rolling up string!


It was a great way to celebrate the “first day” of back to school with a great hands on science activity.  You can order a solar bag from Steve Spangler.  In addition to the solar bag make sure to take some invisible tape and scissors.  Oh and be prepared to answer questions and make friends.

Wishing you many happy experiments!


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  2. I just found your blog and have been busy browsing. I have a 10 year old son who is very interested in science. We study science each week in our homeschool, but I would like to alter our schedule so that we can spend more time on science. After all – that’s where the jobs are:) I too have an engineering degree and admire your philosophy. This big solar bag project looks like lots of fun. I pinned it and look forward to reading about your future science projects.

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