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Homeschool Classroom 1


Welcome to the Learning with Boys “Classroom”!

The classroom sharing blog hops are one of my favorite things about back to school.  I can’t wait to get a peak at all the rooms.

Homeschool Classroom


Here at Learning with Boys we spend a lot of time at the kitchen table.  A small book shelf holds our current texts, workbooks and reference materials.  On top is a file folder for handwriting paper and math practice sheets.  Across from the table is our dry erase board with our All About Spelling Tiles.Reading Corner

E’s reading chair.  He keeps a pair of earmuffs on hand to make it easier to ignore his brother reading aloud.  C sits on the couch with me for reading time.  We keep a stack of books next to the fireplace.

Homeschool Game Room aka Dining Room


We frequently play games in the dining room.  We keep a laminated map of the United States on the wall that comes in handy when playing Scrambled States.  I’m hoping to expand / update the kid artwork gallery this year.

Science Discovery Center


The science display table.  This is actually one of my favorite spots in our house.   It started out as a nicely decorated entry table.  Then we added the globe.  Of course the microscope needed to be readily available.  A drawer keeps the binoculars, magnifying glasses, and extra slides handy.  Gradually the kids added some of their science toys and E’s clay creations.  They have a Newtons cradle, handboilers, a Galieo thermometer, a radiometer, a catcus, and some bamboo. Sometimes you might find an additional science experiment or two.  Homeschool Playroom

This is the beginning of a playroom remake.  Our big project this summer was getting new carpet upstairs and we are still in the process of moving back into the playroom.  During school they take frequent breaks up here.  Soon it will be full of LEGOs again hopefully in an organized way.

2011-06-03 Caleb

Our classroom expands way beyond the walls of our home.  Always topping the list of our favorite things about homeschool is the incredible amount of field trips.   We really get to take advantage of the fabulous resources that are available to us.


NATURE.  Nature is a huge part of our classroom.  Our kids did two years of traditional school and my heart ached for them being cooped up all day.  When I went on walks without them, I missed their keen powers of observation.  Their learning is so much more complete because they have the chance to find crawfish and salamanders.  They pick apples, strawberries, and blueberries and chase the chickens that give them eggs.  I want to make sure these boys are grounded and connected to the earth, so they will be protectors of our environment not destroyers.

I can’t wait to see all of your classrooms!

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