Plan C : Taking Advantage of Summer

Above the Dam Gorge Metro ParkDid the end of summer break sneak up on anyone else?  Soccer practice has already started!  We still have items on our before the end of summer list!

I posted earlier this week about FIRST LEGO League.  Make sure to check it out if you have kids who might be interested in robotics.  They have programs for kids as young as 6!

Last Friday we woke up to a beautiful morning.  The temps were supposed to be pleasant all day and we thought: the Zoo!  So did everyone else, by the time we arrived the line to get in the parking lot stretched around the block and even the far away spaces along city streets were full.

Plan B: Let’s finally go to the Inventors Hall of Fame.  Apparently it  moved out of state last year.

Plan C: Let’s take our lunch to a Metro Park and have a hike.  By the time we are done, people will be leaving the zoo and we can get a parking spot.

We had a great time!  The trail was about 2 miles long but very difficult in places.  We were outside of our normal travel zone when it comes to hiking so we hadn’t been to this park before.

Hydroelectric dam at Gorge Metro Park

One of the first things we encountered was a hydro-electric dam.

Gorge Trail Summit MetroPark  Summer 2013

Here in Ohio there are several outcroppings of Sharon conglomerate.  It’s a mix of sandstone and small little rocks.  Over time pieces sheared away from each other creating beautiful ledges.  I love walking between them.  It’s like a geological time machine.

Gorge Trail Summit MetroPark Summer 2013

Isn’t all the layering just amazing?

Mary Campbell Cave - Gorge MetroPark Summer 2013


Since we hadn’t hiked this trail before we were excited to find a recess cave.   It was a really nice hike, but when we finished our feet were tired so we didn’t want to go to the zoo.

If you’re wondering, we really do things beside hiking, I just don’t remember the camera often enough.   Last week the boys had a NXT programming summer day camp, we went for a 15 mile bike ride,  we’ve been to a couple of science centers, and E went to a bat class.  AND they finally got dad to set up a Minecraft server for them.

Have a great week!  Don’t forget to check out the FIRST LEGO League post.

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5 thoughts on “Plan C : Taking Advantage of Summer

  1. We were just at this metro park last week too, for the first time. Greatly enjoyed it and will be returning again soon. I love finding blogs from others in OH!!

  2. I’m enjoying reading about everyone’s summer coming to an end….ours hasn’t started yet! We can’t ever do much over the summer because of Gary’s work, which is why I try to organise some fun learning, but come autumn we are on HOLIDAY!!
    I love all your works, we don’t have such stunning scenery near to us, so it’s always interesting to see your!

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