Blueberries and Acts of Kindness

Summer is the best!  I love the pace of it.  I wish it were this easy to meet up with our friends the rest of the year.  We had a wonderful time playing at the park with a group of friends, some of them we hadn’t seen for a few months.



Blueberries!!!  We picked the afternoon of CSA pickup and then took some friends back the next day to pick more!  So far we’ve had spinach and blueberry salad and a scrumptious fresh peach and blueberry crisp.   Did I mention how much I love summer?



Can you guess how these pictures go together?

One of the great ironies of picking up our veggies at the CSA farm is that it sometimes leads to us having dinner from Chick-fil-a.  This week was one of those times.  We had been out of the house pretty much all day and I needed to cut the trim and help my husband install it in the last bedroom before carpet came the next morning.  I was sitting in the drive through feeling a little ashamed of myself for wasting the money on fast food.  When we pulled up to pay and get our food they clanged a cowbell and announced the person in front of us had paid for our meals!!!  How nice!  I paid for the guy behind us but he had just one meal not four, and we pulled away feeling really good and thinking about paying it forward.

The next morning as one of the workers was bringing in the carpet he lost his balance a bit. The carpet hit the light fixture and the glass came crashing down on our hardwood floor. He looked absolutely horrified.  I assured him that accidents happen sometimes and we picked up the bigger pieces.  He went back to installing carpet while I vacuumed up the smaller ones.  He was so apologetic.  Turns out he isn’t having a great month.  His wife is having pregnancy complications and he had a trip to the ER last week for an allergic reaction to a hornet sting.

Once it was just the kids and I, we talked about how the carpet guy needed some kindness.  I could have gotten angry but by staying calm and helping out, I was able to have a positive impact on his day.  The choices we make don’t just affect us but also those around us.

Once it was just me, I had to ponder, if it were my kids who broke the light fixture and scratched up the floor would I have been as understanding?  I hope so.




4 thoughts on “Blueberries and Acts of Kindness

  1. Love the paying it forward and HUZZAH for keeping it all calm with the light fixture accident. We really dont know what others go thru in their day, in their hearts and in their homes…keep it up!

  2. Your words are SO true. Sometimes I do wonder if I extend the same kindness and grace to my own family that I do to strangers. I applaud you for being calm and gracious as the light fixture was broken. Your response could either have really shown the love of Christ in you or not – and it definitely DID. Way to go!

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