Stinky Jr.

E found a tiny snail last year at the garden center and was THRILLED when they sent it home with us.   Stinky the Snail lasted less than 2 hours before he fell into the grass and made his escape.

Now, every time I take the boys to look for plants, they spend the time searching for snails.  Thankfully the garden center staff usually does a good job of keeping the snails at bay and we haven’t found another one there since Stinky.


This week when we were out in the woods we found about 15 snails in our path.  Of course the boys wanted to bring one home. I know there are homes where pets are welcomed in abundance.  Mine is not one.  It isn’t that I don’t like animals.  I do.  Outside, in their own environment, where I don’t have to remember to feed and water them. Outside, where I don’t have to clean up any poop.   I like the line in “Yertle the Turtle”  by Dr. Seuss  “And the turtles?  All the turtles were free, As turtles and maybe all creatures should be.”  

Anyway, back to the snails in our path and the pleading looks of my dear sweet boys.  I considered our petless state and the fact a snail would be about the least amount of work possible for a pet.  Certainly better than another hamster or (cringe) a gerbil (cringe).  I wouldn’t be obligated to keep a snail for years like a guinea pig.   So Stinky Jr. came home with us.


Stinky has actually has been fun to observe for the last week.  E has done a nice job researching what Stinky needs.  We had an old aquarium so it’s been completely free.  We’ve learned a bit about mollusks and gastropods so perhaps this counts as summer science!

By the way, Stinky Jr. doesn’t stink at all.  He is named after the snail in a certain video game.





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