Summer Learning

What a fun week!

Racoons in yard by Scott


Saturday night the weather was perfect for a campfire.  Sunday morning we woke up to these cute critters asleep under the fire pit.  They finally woke up and wandered back into the woods around noon.  Didn’t Scott do a great job with the photography?


I’m helping teach the science rotation at VBS this week.  One of my friends is the director of her church’s VBS and I love the fact they always include science.  The theme is “Living Water” and the kids are learning SO much.  The people from my friend’s church have gone to Honduras to install water  filtration systems so people have clean water to drink.  It is so humbling to think of all the people in the world desperate for clean water.   This has been a wonderful week of missions and practical learning.

In VBS science we did a water tasting – pure water, water tainted with vinegar,  salt water, and water with cocoa powder.  We grew bacteria off the kids hands and other surfaces.  (Yes the toilet seats were clean.  The floor, the doorknob, and little kids hands not so much)  We tie dyed t-shirts as a fun art/science project.  We used glitter bug lotion to demonstrate the importance of hand washing.  We also talked about daily water usage and had the kids haul water like moms and children do in developing countries.  In crafts,  the kids made models of bacteria.

Chocolate Chip Cookie


At home, we practiced Chemistry in the Kitchen by making cookies and doing the measurements in metric units.  C chose no-bake cookies and E chose chocolate chip cookies.   Both were yummy!  Love using grams and mL to develop a greater sense of metric units.   It gives meaning to food labels and using the scales really makes cooking  like the chemistry lab.


We managed to get out to the farm and do a little strawberry picking this week.



This was the first week of CSA pickup!  Kale, salad greens,  lettuce, young beets, onions, salad turnips, scapes, and snap peas.  The beet greens were super sweet.   I’m so excited about the return of summer cooking and eating.

When I was young, my parents kept a fairly large garden.  When my dad came home from work the first thing he would do was check the garden.  Sometimes he would pick a turnip and peel it and we would eat it standing out there in the garden patch.  It was the only way I would eat turnips.  Today the first thing I did after bringing in the veggies was peel one of the salad turnips.  It tasted… like a young turnip.  Not bitter, just turnipy.  The taste took me back to being 7 years old standing in the garden with my dad and that was SWEET.  Miss you dad!

Hope you are having a fun summer!


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