Finishing Up

Even though today was our last official day of school, we have already mostly transitioned to our summer schedule.  We are still reading, writing a tiny bit each day, and doing some math.


We found time to build some Lego kits and make pop rockets.

Sunday we had an informational meeting at our house about FIRST Lego League.  It is a great program that introduces kids to the fun of programming.  The competition includes researching a problem, designing a solution, and playing the robot game.  E participated last year and had a great time.


Early in the week when the weather was nice we went on several hikes.  We are planning a vacation to Yellowstone in the fall and I want to make sure we are ready to explore.  We saw lots of chipmunks, a baby squirrel, and a few caterpillars.

We started a positive reinforcement program this week.  Each time one of the boys displays a good attitude or is particularly helpful he gets a pebble for his jar.  It has been great.  It has really helped me to see all the good stuff they are doing and let them know.  Each of them has his own jar.  When he fills it there will be a reward for both boys (like a trip for ice cream or mini-golf).  I designed it that way so they will root for each other; but, there will also be a certain amount of pride in filling your own jar.

Today I took E to the cemetery to place flags on veterans graves.  It was only 45 degrees and so not the most pleasant day to be out there, but the VFW men appreciated the boys coming.  When I thought of all those men had given for us, it seemed a very small thing to be out in the weather for an hour.

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